Logo CoordinationCoordination pour l’éducation à la non­violence et à la paix

The Coordination pour l’éducation à la non­violence et à la paix has been created in 2000 as the Coordination française pour la Décennie (2001­2010). It is a non­profit organisation focused onthe promotion of education for nonviolence and peace in France. Its national network includes 85 French national organisations and 130 personalities in its activites.” Since 2001, the Coordination has been leading an advocacy campaign for the official introduction of a law on education for nonviolence and peace at school. As a result of the Coordination’s advocacy, the Law on Education passed in 2013 includes training on nonviolence and conflict resolution in teaching schools’ objectives.

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The Coordination organises events every year around its core theme, education to nonviolence and peace: the forum Nonviolence at School “La non­violence à l’école”in Paris since 2002, Summer Schools for teachers and educators inolved in nonviolence, peace and education since 2011 and also the Quinzaine de la non­violence which offers pedagogical activities to schools ont the theme of education for non violence and peace. The Coordination publishes an e­newsletter, which is sent out every year under the name La Lettre Education à la non­violence et à la paix. The Coordination has been a member of the International Network for a Culture of Nonviolence and Peace since its foundation in 2003. The Coordination has participated in the project “Discover Peace in Europe (2012­2015)” to produce Peace Trail for adults in Paris ( In this Peace Trail, the Coordination highlighted significant actors, places, events and memorials of nonviolence and peace in Paris.

cppCentro psico pedagocico

Founded by Daniele Novara, the actual director, as an institute specialized in learning processes involved in conflicting situations. With a unique professional experience, Cpp implements learning education courses and activities involving institutions, groups and people interested in making change trough conflict management. The matrix that moves the CPP’s scientific work is the Socratic approach.

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Conflict is always a personal experience, grounded in subjective significant and personal values. Maieutic approach could guide people going inside the conflict and understand what is the meaning and what they can learn. Always conflicting relationships are opportunities to learn something and activate growing processes. Cpp address his activities especially to adults working in social fields, mediation, negotiation, education, parents, groups ‘management and coordination, teenagers at risk… and everybody wants to develop conflict management in their daily life. CPP designs and implements interventions in the field of education and organizational training for conflict management and change processes. Through the model of maieutic advice, it manages – at national level – help desks addresses to individuals or groups and dedicated to addressing educational and conflicting issues for the development of organizational and personal change. It realizes conferences, seminars and exhibitions to study conflict in the relationships and social and educational changes. It offers interactive tools addresses to children and youth as opportunities for creative learning. Through the magazine Conflitti. Rivista italiana di ricerca e formazione psicopedagogica it carries out scientific researches and studies to support experts in different sectors.



The Escola de Cultura de Pau – Autonomous University of Barcelona

The Escola de Cultura de Pau is a peace research centre based at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Its peace education program has been involved in teacher training for more than ten years, advocating for comprehensive measures of conflict transformation at schools (through contents, methodologies, rules, sanctions, participation mechanisms…).

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It has also been involved in projects developping a primary and secondary school curriculum on Culture of Peace, and analysing and advocating school books publishers about the values in school books.

logo plavi CZMO

The Center for Peace Nonviolence and Human Rights – Osijek

Centre for Peace, Nonviolence and Human Rights – Osijek was established in 1992 with an aim of contributing to building of sustainable peace and strengthening of the culture of nonviolence in the war-torn region. The Centre for Peace has been dealing with human rights violation in its own community, psychosocial support to the wounded and preparing the grounds for the peaceful return of displaced persons and refugees.

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Centre for Peace has 2 decades of experience of working on nonviolent conflict resolution and peace education: we have organised numerous workshops and seminars on dialogue, non-violent conflict resolution and mediation for teachers, pupils, religious communities, civil society organisations, war veterans etc. We have also experience in promoting and advocating the inclusion of peer mediation in schools. So far, we published 11 books (mostly practitioner’s manuals) dealing with non-violent communication, peaceful conflict resolution and mediation.

EVENS-Logo-zwartEvens Foundation

The Evens Foundation is a European public benefit foundation based in Antwerp, Belgium, with offices in Paris and Warsaw. Through its projects and supports, it seeks to achieve a more harmonious and democratic society in a diverse Europe.

Our Peace Education Program initiates and supports projects that promote the management of interpersonal and intergroup conflicts in a positive way, mainly in the educational sphere.

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We work on different levels: we initiate innovative pilot-projects, mainly in teacher training (both pre- and in-service); support the development of tools teachers can use in the classroom; fund relevant research; support organizations in their efforts to convince policymakers of the importance of conflict management education, and facilitate networking among EU-based organizations active in the field.

logo guThe Department of Education and Special Education of the University of Gothenburg

The Department of Education and Special Education is one of the four departments of the Faculty of Education, University of Gothenburg. The department runs stimulating research projects and higher education courses within education and special education.

Several of the staff members of the department are specialized in value education and are competent in working with conflict resolution in schools as well as with fundamental values, equal treatment and norm-critical pedagogy. Link