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Educate Transnational Meeting – Gothenburg (Sweden), November 29th and 30th, 2017.


The fifth transnational meeting took place on 29th and 30th November 2017 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Like the other meetings, the partners took the time to evaluate the work done in between the meetings.

The meeting began by a personal sharing, and training in equality meeting technics, nonviolence and conflict interventions. The session was facilitated by the Swedish activist Per Herngren, author and trainer in nonviolent action.

Then, we applied his technics to evaluate the Pilot Training and we discussed the dissemination of our modules and the sustainability of our project in general.

The Pilot Training has been assessed as very positive, and the Curriculum considered well adapted to the values of the participants and proved to be effective in terms of results. After a discussion about feedbacks of the Pilot Training participants, we agreed to add a manual that will present examples of activities for each module.

On Thursday, 30th, the progress concerning the Position Paper (Advocacy) has been presented and discussed. We did a brainstorming on arguments to be used for our advocacy work, at the national and the European level. Slogans have been identified. Each partner worked on his advocacy campaign, identifying the aims, the actions and the indicators.

A consultation within partners has been organized before the meeting, and our main wishes regarding the network has been shared. We agreed on an organic development of the network – to bring all the associations, foundations, individuals, etc. who wants to be part of the project – and subsequently to provide a platform and eventually a structure.

The website will be one of the major points for the Networking part.

For delay question, we decided to postpone the Antwerp meeting and the Multiplier Event scheduled on March 2018, to the end of May 2018.



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