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Educate transnational meeting –  Osijek (Croatia), October 19-20, 2016

The third transnational meeting took place on 19th and 20th of October 2016 in Osijek, Croatia. Like the other meetings, the partners took the time to evaluate the work done in between the meetings.

Almost all state of the art on teachers’ training are finished. There were discussions about the global document and the need to harmonize all partners’ states of the art.

Afterwards the Curriculum overview table were presented. The partners discussed the difference between the curriculum and the training. The curriculum should be seen as a program and not a content, for instance the exercises would not be lined out in a curriculum. Moreover, it was decided that primarily, the definition of the objectives and the learning outcomes are compulsory, only then can the researchers develop exercises that create specific learning outcomes for the modules.

Following that day, the main points that the State of the art on Advocacy should be composed of were presented. They must be a justification of what we want to do in terms of advocacy with a theoretical approach and data. They should also be an argumentation on the rationale and a description of laws and policies, but also of existing gaps.

As for the Network, it was agreed “We foresee that all teachers have sufficient skills to handle conflict nonviolently in their schools (and outside schools), children leave their mandatory education well equipped to deal with conflicts in their lives, with confident nonviolent strategies. Children must have language to have a dialogue to deal with conflicts.”

Indeed, until the next meeting in March 2017 the advocacy strategy, the networking and the modules have to be fulfilled.

Concerning the pilot training, five days of training will take place in June 2017 at the Community of the Ark in France. Each partner needs to identify and inform 3 teachers and practitioners in schools.

Another important event that was discussed was the Dissemination meeting that is scheduled for March 2018, in Belgium.


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