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Educate transnational meetings Milan (Italy), April 27-28, 2016

Some of the partner during a break


The second transnational meeting was held on April 27th and 28th 2016 in Milan, Italy. During this meeting the first results were shared. For the Curriculum each partner presented their state of the art and best practices. Indeed, there is still more work and research to be done.

It was also an opportunity to choose the project’s logo, to exchange opinions about the website and consider the creation of a Facebook page and a YouTube channel.

Daniele Novara, a scientific director of the Centro Psicopedagocico made a presentation about « Arguing with a method ». The main conception is about the pedagogical passage from the idea of controlling children, to the idea of valuing them. He explains how quarrels work in children’s minds and psychology and how the educational staff can apply a 4 points method to regulate and facilitate conflicts. He also presented the « conflict corner », a tool used with children in schools to apply this method.

The next day the partners set up the common objectives for the curriculum. They discussed the modules and the necessity to follow the European Credit system for Vocational Training (ECVET) model. A suggestion was made to build the modules around learning outcomes. Certainly, the best practices will give information and ideas on how to formulate the modules.

Later there was a discussion concerning the objectives of pilot training and its structure. Unquestionably, the outcomes are the skills we want the teachers to have at the end of the training.

During this meeting we also assigned the work on modules, one for each partner.

As for the Network, it was agreed that the vision should be on European educational systems.


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