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Educate transnational meetings – Paris (France), December 10-11, 2015


The first transnational meeting took place in the Coordinator’s city: Paris, France from December 10th to December 11th 2015.

During the first day of this meeting the partners planned the project by defining common working rules. After discussing the creation of a website, the researches moved on to the project’s three pillars: the Curriculum, the Advocacy and the Network. The idea was to define which information is relevant for each intellectual output. The general goal of the partnership is to develop nonviolent conflict management training for educators and teachers. The pilot training scheduled for June 2017 represents a way to experiment the curriculum and an argument for advocacy (with feedback of the participants).

For the Curriculum the researchers agreed that the State of the Art can be organized in three categories: pre-service teachers training (pre-school, primary, secondary, compulsory or optional), lifelong training for teachers, and other organizations. The research and assessments on the Curriculum will be done between this meeting until the next one in April. It should include 3 practices per country, one for each category.

The next day the partners discussed Advocacy. The State of the Art research should include policies related to conflict transformation in each country and the most urgent needs in conflict management teachers’ training.

Then the researchers moved on to the Network, its importance for advocacy and exchange of good practices on the European level, that could eventually influence different stakeholders to join the project. There is a need to define the objectives and the vision along with the structure and role of each partner and the visual identity of the network. It was suggested the objectives should be added at each meeting.



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