One of the aims of the EdUCATe project is to advocate for more comprehensive teacher education on nonviolent conflict transformation in European countries. All project partners are highly involved in this type of education in their countries. However, there is no systematic up-to-date information on conflict transformation education for teachers, particularly not concerning the way in which teachers are taught it.


State of the Art Report on Teacher Training


To address this gap, the project partners of five European countries (Croatia, France, Italy, Spain and Sweden) produced a State of the Art Report on pre-service and in-service teacher education in nonviolent conflict transformation for their country.

The goal of this State of the Art Report on Teacher Training is threefold: (1) to provide a state of the art description about teacher education in nonviolent conflict transformation in five European countries; (2) to identify three examples of good practices in each country; and (3) to provide insights about why these practices are considered to be good practices of nonviolent conflict transformation for teachers.

EduCATe - Teacher & Conflict: were we are?



A European curriculum


To enable a better dissemination of this teacher training, the EdUCATe’s partners worked together to define a European Curriculum on Nonviolent Conflict Transformation (NVCT) for Educators

The common understanding of EduCATe partners is that conflicts at school are a permanent challenge in all European countries and that, in most countries, there is a lack of training for teachers – both pre-service and in-service – that equips them to handle these conflicts nonviolently. To spread knowledge about and skills in nonviolent and constructive conflict transformation to students, the involvement of teachers is essential.

The general desired learning outcomes of the curriculum are to train, empower and inspire teachers and student teachers in Nonviolent Conflict Transformation (NVCT), to familiarize them with the general concepts of NVCT, and to help them acquire the skills and competences required.

Curricula on conflict transformation or peace education already exist in several European countries. But this curriculum is innovative as it is the first curriculum on the matter designed and developed by a European team. And it is the first that addresses how the organization of the classroom, school and community can also contribute to NVCT and how NVCT can help build and organize the classroom, school and community in a safe and cooperative way.

This innovative curriculum aims to offer new ways to prepare teachers in Europe to learn and teach more effectively, even in difficult, conflictual situations, and specifically to deal with conflicts at school in a constructive and nonviolent spirit.

EduCATe - European Curriculum on NVCT 
for Teachers and Educators