Advocacy is one of the three axis of EdUCATe work. The main goals of this advocacy work are:

  • Map teacher training policies and recommendations on nonviolent conflict transformation education in five European countries and at the supranational level
  • Identify good practices in advocacy targeting educational policy makers on this topic
  • Plan and implement an advocacy strategy.


The work started with preparing a state of the art report through researches about experiences in advocating nonviolent and constructive conflict transformation for educators or/and already existing policy in the educational system of each country and at the supranational level.

In a second step these results are being analysed and to synthesised leading to a selection of objectives for the advocacy campaign in each country and at the European level. A first position paper presenting the advocacy strategy has been drafted and adopted (see below).

In a third step, each partner implements this strategy by communicating with and contacting local and national authorities, special commissions of the European Parliament and Commission and European labour unions for education.

The advocacy strategy and first experiences has been presented at the European meeting « Growing the Movement » in Brussels in May 2018. This multiplier event was central to our advocacy strategy: by including stakeholders in the conversation on a series of concrete topics (curriculum and related policy) we tried to convince them of the importance of conflict transformation in education while at the same time exploring their perspective on it.


The main outputs of this advocacy work are:

  • the State of the Art Report (STAR) in advocacy: six researches describing the state of the art of policy in conflict transformation in Croatia, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Europe. Each research identifies the most urgent needs in conflict transformation teacher training at the policy level, and possible channels to advocate for conflict transformation teacher training. AdvocacySoAFINAL 

EdUCATe – Advocacy for Nonviolent Conflict Transformation Education. State of the Art in Five Countries and at the European Level

  • A Position Paper defining the advocacy policy for Non-violent Conflict Transformation education for teachers: it presents EdUCATe advocacy policy priorities at European, state and local levels.


Position Paper

Teachers are key!

Training teachers in Nonviolent Conflict Transfomation

[Position Paper in English]


Nalazi – statovi – preporuke

Učitelji su ključ!

[Position Paper in Croatian]


Document de plaidoyer 

Les professeurs ont un rôle clé !

[Position Paper in French]


Documento di posizione

Gli insegnanti sono la chiave di volta ! 

[Position Paper in Italian]


Documento de posición

¡El profesorado es clave! 

[Position Paper in Spanish]



Lärare har nyckelposition!

[Position Paper in Swedish]

  • Implementation of the advocacy policy for non-violent conflict transformation education: According to the needs and to the advocacy channels identified in the state of the art reports, and to the priorities defined in the advocacy position paper, partners in each country implement strategies to promote teacher training in nonviolent conflict transformation in their respective regions/countries.