Presentation of the project

EDUCATE is a 3-year project funded by the European Commission. Its objective is to promote a culture of peace and nonviolence through teacher training. Six partners from all over Europe got together : the University of Gotheborg in Sweden, the Autonomous University of Barcelona in Spain, the Evens Foundation in Belgium, the Center for Peace, Nonviolence and Human Rights of Osijek in Croatia, the Psychopedagogical Center for Peace in Italy and the Coordination for education to peace and nonviolence in France. They aim to create a teacher’s training program in nonviolent conflict resolution, and establish a European network of actors in nonviolent conflict management.

After meeting in Warsaw, Poland, during a learning lab on the promotion of conflict management in education organised by the Evens Foundation, six European partner organisations formed a transnational team with the intention to develop the intensity of their collaboration by combining each and everyone’s excellence in constructive and nonviolent conflict management. This led to the EduCATe project for European nonviolent Conflict management for educators : Advocacy and Training. In July 2015, the Erasmus+ Agency approved the project to receive funds from the European Commission.


Presentation of the project

The project will be conducted during a period of three years (2015-2018). It aims at :

– Collecting and exchanging good practices in conflict management education in Europe,

– Exchanging experiences in advocacy on nonviolent conflict management for teacher’s learning,

– And developing a European Network in constructive and nonviolent conflict management education.



In order to carry out the project, researchers from six countries will identify and describe the present situation in conflict management education in their countries. This will enable them to identify good practices in conflict management education. From these researches, will emerge a new teacher training to nonviolent conflict management curriculum combining European best practices and a unique view on nonviolence.


Each partner will work to identify the most urgent needs in conflict management teachers’ training as well as to identify possible channels to advocate for conflict management teachers’ training.


This will lead to the identification of potential European Network members : one of the project outcomes will be the establishment of a European network of researchers and practitioners, professionals in the field of nonviolent conflict management.

The partners will meet frequently during transnational meetings in order to share their work, put it together and come up with a common vision.


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