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The international Pilot Training on non-violent conflict transformation in education took place during 5 days from 11th to 15th July 2017, in France. The event brought together 25 participants from the 5 participating partners (all except Evens Foundation): 15 trainees (teachers) selected by the partners and 10 accompanying persons (5 trainers, one from each participant partner, and 5 staff members, from the Educate partnership).

During this 5-day Pilot Training, participants tested our modules of the Curriculum Teacher Training on Nonviolence Conflict Resolution, we agreed on during the Barcelona meeting (March 2017). The goal was for the trainers to apply the modules to the practice of a multi-day training, and for the trainers, to evaluate what worked well into our modules and what needed to be improved.

The event took place at the Communauté de l’Arche, located in the village of Saint-Antoine-l’Abbaye (Isère, France), labeled “one of the most beautiful villages in France”. L’Arche de Saint-Antoine is part of the international movement “Arche Non-Violence et Spiritualité”, founded in 1948 by Lanza del Vasto.

The Pilot Training followed the Curriculum concentric structure, into four modules, one by day:

  • What it means for myself?
  • What it means for my classroom?
  • What it means for my school?
  • What it means for my community?

Each day, we go through the following fields:

  • Conflict and violence
  • Nonviolence communication
  • Power and authority
  • Community building

Link to the agenda of the week

The pedagogy was interactive, including role play, sharing groups, exercises and games, based on participants’ experiences. We shared the community life (meal, dance, etc.), walked and discovered the area, celebrated the Bastille Day into the village.

All participants were asked to write a diary during this Pilot Training. The summary of their reports will be used at the next transnational meeting in Gothenburg (Sweden) to make the latest improvements to the Curriculum.

It appears from the reading of the participants’ reports, as the exchanges between them following this week of discovery, that this Pilot Training was a great success. The atmosphere brought by all the trainers and the trainees, the group connection, the sharing of the same values and the discovery of different ways of doing depending on the countries and the people, the European diversity of the group, the plurality and the quality of the activities proposed are all positive aspects highlighted by everyone.

Quote from diaries of the participants:

 An amazing week

the atmosphere in the training and the place were very special and amazing. I felt good, free to say what I think.

At the end of the session, I felt like a cocktail of emotions. The weekend fulfilled my expectations and put a rich seed that I commit to water and make grow

My major learning is an attitude: a non-violent attitude which is now deeply set in myself and which I firmly believe can expand and extend to other people’s just because it’s there, it’s powerful and it’s true.

I felt so much love, the most important elements of the week were to exchange experiences with others, to get inspiration from them and to feel supported by the group

I felt gratitude for the teachers of each country who accepted this challenge with joy, humility, and give us their positive energy. I had a real pleasure to participate to this work in progress […] Everything was perfect, I admire the bright, joyful and relaxed atmosphere all the teachers brought to the session.


Link to see a gallery of images of the pilot training

The Croatian participants have written very enthusiastic articles to share their experience of the Pilot Training with their colleagues at the local and the national level.


Link to the Croatian articles about the Pilot Training.


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