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Educate Transnational Meeting – Barcelona (Spain), March 29th and 30th, 2017.


The fourth transnational meeting took place on 29th and 30th March 2017 in Barcelona, Spain. Like the other meetings, the partners took the time to evaluate the work done in between the meetings.

We introduced the meeting by clarifying the concepts used: ‘nonviolence’, ‘nonviolent conflict management’, to be sure to work harmoniously.

Once the partners agreed on the definitions, we focused on the Curriculum. The writing of the Teacher Training States of the Art by countries is almost complete, as the general introduction. We agreed that each partner needs to have the document in its own language to use it for advocacy.

The first design of the Curriculum modules has been presented. These modules covered the main fields of NonViolent Conflict Transformation training.

We worked on the organization of the Pilot Training to test the modules in practice. We set up the program day by day, according to the division of our modules. Each partners committed to find 2 trainers, and 5 trainees (teachers in primary or secondary schools). With feedbacks of trainees and trainers, we will adjust the modules after the Pilot Training.

Concerning the work on Advocacy, we choose to advocate in the cooperative way, at least towards policy makers and practitioners. To write the Position Paper, we decided to rely on the international agreements, to present the current situation in our different countries and to make common recommendations in focusing on our common aims.


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